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What do each of the status options mean?

Terms used in Vantage Space for observers conducting Space Utilisation Studies:

Occupied: The workspace has people present.

Signs of life: The workspace has evidence that people are working there (workstation powered on, coat on chair, etc)

Unoccupied: The workspace is usable/assigned but nobody is present/using it. (Intended to be occupied but nobody is present)

Vacant: The workspace is usable but unassigned.
(Not intended to be occupied and nobody is present)

Unusable: The workspace has no furniture or not fit to be occupied

Unobservable: The workspace is completely inaccessible and its status is unknown.


"_Unobservable_" is intended for workspaces that cannot physically be reached to be observed, such as locked rooms.

"_Vacant_" is intended for workspaces that are clearly not assigned for use, for example if they're in an unused part of the building.

It's entirely optional to use these statuses; if you don't use them in observations they won't appear on the dashboard.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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