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How do I prepare my device for a study?

To prepare your mobile/tablet device for tours:

Turn on automatic updates in the settings menu on your device(s). This way the app will update automatically when new releases are published. It is also a best practice to check for any available updates in the app store before each tour.

If you can connect to a network connection or wifi on site of the study tour, there is no need to proceed with the paragraph below as the app will automatically sync every 10 minutes when connected to wifi.

If you know that there will not be an active or dependable internet or wifi connection on the study tour, make sure to log into the app while on wifi before the tour. This will allow any changes that may have been made to floorplans or the study itself through the online app to be fully updated to the devices before observers begin their next tours.

If you feel it necessary to do so, you can manually sync the app at any time by using the menu in the top right and selecting "Sync status"

After this you will see a screen that will show what has been synced.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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