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Carrying out observations and what to do if an observation point does not exist as noted on the floorplan in the Vantage Space mobile app

Due to the simplicity of the iPad app, the process of conducting tours and inputting observations is a breeze!

After signing into the iPad app, your floor plan will be displayed featuring all the workspaces that have been set up and assigned to the observer's account.

Simply select the yellow circles that represent a workspace that needs to be observed. When the observer selects each one, options for describing the status appear. 

Selecting occupied will take you further in the observation process to input the number of people, and if the study is set up for it, any activities being conducted and technologies being used at the chosen workspace.

If there is a rare occasion where there is a yellow observation point on the floor plan that isn’t in the actual office space, please make a note by using the "Add a note" feature and alert the manager who will be able to update it via the desktop website.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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