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FAQ: What if the office staff become nervous or anxious by the activities of the utilisation studies and/or observers?

Sometimes staff can pushback on utilization studiess and observation tours.  It is a best practice to preemptively reassure staff members that the studies are not to monitor their performance but rather it is to note how the office space is being used throughout the day. And furthermore, to gain empirical evidence to support cases for improvements to the office.

You can discuss as a team with the strategy manager prior to the study commencing what you can say if any of the employees approach an observer directly. 

As an example: "I am helping the internal workplace design / strategy department conduct a study of how employees are using the office space and what activities they are doing. These studies will help understand employee patterns to identify areas which can be modified to better support the needs of employees."

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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