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Why do the heatmap results show a wide range of color and occupancy percentages?

If a region of your office has multiple workspaces assigned to it, the overall occupancy for the area is higher as the individual areas overlap. This makes the region darker than any individual occupancy would suggest.

The individual percentages depend on whether you are using the "workspace" or "seats" view.  
This can be filtered using the drop down menu for "Workspace Type(s)" seen below, found on the results page in the web app.

The calculation by Workspace is based on the status.  For example, if a workspace was occupied in 1 observation period and unoccupied the other 4 times, then it's occupancy is 1/5, or 20%.

The calculation by Seat is based on the capacity and the actual number of occupants. If the workspace mentioned above had a capacity of 5 but it was only occupied by 1 person in the first observation period and unoccupied in the others, then it would be 1/5 (for the first) and 0/5 for the other 4. That's a total of 1/25 (one person out of a possible 25), which is 4%.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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