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What do the numbers on the results dashboard mean?

The results page of the completed studies found in the web app ( is visually clear and easy to read to avoid any confusion or misinterpretations.

The first row of options lets you choose to view the results with filters. Options include using saved filters, by workspace type(s), department(s), specific reference number(s) or occupancy type; by occupancy of each workspace or of each seat. For example, a workspace with capacity 2 can be observed as occupied by 1 occupant on each tour. If the results are viewed by workspace, this desk would have 100% occupancy, while if viewing by seats, it would have 50% occupancy.

The second row down is a drop down menu by default shows "occupancy overview" (see below)

Other options include:
Occupancy Heatmap- View a heatmap of occupancy levels across the study or by tour time.
Observation data by Floorplan- See the observed data by tour, displayed on the floorplans.
Meeting room efficiency- Targeted to just meeting type workspaces, visualizations via floorplan and charts.
Technologies & Activities- Technology and activity data plotted by tour time.
Lastly, you can view any notes your observers have spotted whilst conducting a study.

The third row down shows clear information on the status of the study:

Completeness - The percentage of expected data points collected,

Minimum occupied - The minimum percentage occupancy of all tours of the study,

Average occupied - The mean percentage occupancy across all observations,

Maximum occupied - The maximum percentage occupancy of all tours of the study.

Now that you have all the criteria for the results you want shown, they are displayed a little further down the page!

In order as follows are:

Average occupancy breakdown - With the option to view all or none.

Occupancy totals breakdown - With the option to view; Tour, AM/PM or day.

Busiest tour,

Busiest day, 

Busiest time,

Quietest tour,

Quietest day,

Quietest time.

Average occupancy per tour breakdown- With the option to view AM/PM, tour time, day or weekday,

Average activities performed by tour time,

Average technology usage by tour time.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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