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FAQ: What is the difference between "Occupancy by Workspace" vs. "Occupancy by Seats"?

Vantage Space tracks occupancy both of workspaces as a whole and how much capacity is being used in each workspace: You can set up a large meeting room holding 20 people as a single workspace, and observers can record how many people are using a workspace at once.

The Dashboard can present data in two ways; per-workspace and per-seat.

Per-workspace (the default) just looks at if a workspace has any occupants at all, so a single-person cubicle and a 10-person meeting room are weighted the same even if both of them only contain 1 person. This is useful for getting an idea of how many facilities are in use at a given time.

Per-seat (set in the filter options on the Dashboard) looks at each workspace and weights it by its capacity compared to its occupancy. The cubicle with one person in it will be 100% occupied while the 10-seat meeting room with a single person in it will be 10% occupied. Aggregate statistics will also reflect this, so the combined occupancy would be 2/11, with the remaining seats shown as unoccupied. This is useful for getting an idea of how heavily utilized any facilities are at any given time.


To select between the two, navigate to the survey dashboard. Along the top of the page is an option to filter the data that was collected to "Show occupancy by seat" (See below image for location)

If you have 1 workspace in a study with a capacity of 4, and it is recorded as having 2 occupants:

On a per-workspace level, the 1 workspace is occupied so it will be recorded as 100% occupancy - this indicates that all available workspaces are being utilised to some degree.

On a per-seat level, 1 workspace has 2 out of 4 occupants so occupancy will be 50% - this indicates that half of the available seats are being used.

To provide a visual example; The output of the graphs appearance can change depending on the filter you select. Please see the examples below based on Breakdown by Workspace, Per-workspace:

This shows the number of desk workspaces is greater than the number of other workspace types.

And below, the same data but filtered per seat instead:

This shows how they’re more equivalent when looking at the total capacity of each workspace type.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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