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Why should I use Vantage Space?

We created Vantage Space because we believe that an integrated system covering all tasks of space utilization studies built on modern technology can do better than anything on the market to date, and we have set out to prove it. 

You will find that Vantage Space is simple to use, continuously improved, and supported by people who care.

Workplace studies usually require spreadsheets, a great deal of planning, and a lot of paper before you start. Then once the study is done, the work of entering, cleaning, and analyzing the data begins and can last for days or even weeks. 

Vantage Space makes the process of setting up a study faster, up to 90% according to VS users. 

Observation tours much more efficient; observers can conduct occupancy head counts at an average rate of 810 workspaces/hour and can record data for occupancy, activities, and technologies at 600 workspaces/hours. 

You can monitor the progress of your studies remotely as they happen. Vantage Space clients are managing studies across continents without any travel expenses.

And, data from each observation is analyzed instantly. The analysis dashboard offers the entire study data set along with spotlights, charts, graphs, and heatmaps, which are all exportable.  Beyond this you can filter the data down to a specific workplace, department, floor, building, etc. and the dashboard analysis outputs will adjust instantly.   

Vantage Space is a DIY, all-in-one space utilization study tool that is turning space utilization studies process on it’s head and disobeying all the rules you’ve come to expect in software solutions. 

Payment is per study and starts as low as $250! There are no licensing or per-user fees. And your study data is stored in your account forever.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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