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How do I use Vantage Space?

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Create a new study, and add your first floor plan. You can use any image in the standard JPG and PNG formats as a floor plan.

Then, download the iPad app via the Apple App store and sign in using login details provided by us after the initial signup to Vantage Space . The study that you created will be presented as a floor plan and you may begin to carry out the first tour. Add observations to your study, and these will appear on the web app as the data is synced.

To invite other observers to help you, add them via the web app ( as either a manager or an observer for the study. The staff that you invite will be sent an email and they can accept by clicking on the link provided. 

Note: If you invite someone as an observer they can only access the study through the iPad app, and cannot sign in to the web app or view the data that has been uploaded.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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