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What is Vantage Space?

Vantage Space is an end-to-end, all-in-one space utilization survey tool that has eliminated all the inefficiencies and costliness you’ve come to expect in space utilization study processes. And it is turning your expectations about purchasing software solutions on their head!

Vantage Space enables you to carry out space utilization and occupancy studies with ease and efficiency. To do this, you will use two interfaces:

The Vantage Space app - Install this on your iPhone/iPad or Android Mobile/Tablet from the Apple App Store

The Vantage Space web app - visit Vantage Space with any browser at

You will set up surveys in the web app.

Your team will use the iPad app to collect observations, and the information is uploaded to your account on the Vantage Space web app for you.

The web app automatically generates analysis for you as heatmaps, graphs, charts, and workplace conclusion summaries. The dashboard automatically updates as the data comes in from your observations. You can filter the results down to a specific workspace, by workspace type, by department, by building, by floor, etc. This helps you answer all the questions you need to to get to the valuable improvements and changes you are looking to make in your workplace.

Here are a couple sample outputs from the dashboard found in the web app:

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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