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How to complete study setup and common reasons why your study won't start / isn't accessible to an observer

The first step in making sure your study is ready to go is to complete the setup process.

Whilst in "Study Setup" found in the web app (, it is very important to make sure the checklist on the left hand side of the "Draft study" page is showing a green ✓checkmark, which means the step is completed. 

Follow the directions and prompts for any "X" marks or warning signs ⚠︎ until all items are checked.

The most common reasons a user who's logged into the iPad app won't see any study assignments are:

the study setup (in the web app) is not complete - see above

this user was not assigned as an observer to any workplaces

the study dates are wrong in the set up

timezones were not considered in setting up tour times

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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