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Can I test my study before it goes live?

For testing a study we have built a feature called Preview Mode to be used before the study starts. You can train your observers, check on missed workspaces, make sure tour timing is right, and observers can practice tours a day or two before so they know their routes and how to use the app properly. 

Just set up your study with the intended start and end date (no need to set the start date earlier). No payment is necessary, once you complete Steps 1-5 in Study Setup, you can log in to your survey via the iPad or Android apps using the credentials that are invited/ assigned to the study. The app will make it clear that it is running in preview mode instead of live mode. It acts like the real thing but no data is synced or saved that will affect the dashboard. Preview Mode is available until the day before the study starts.

In case you want to test data collection as well, we recommend to set up a separate Demo Study with up to 20 workspaces. Demo studies are always free and can also be used for demo/training purposes.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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