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FAQ: How can I re-assign workspaces to a new or existing team member to my ongoing, live study?

Note: You will first need to invite a new team member using the "[Manage Team](" option on the left hand side of the web app. Enter their email address and they will be sent a confirmation email accept the invitation.

Option 1:
You can also re-assign every workspace to someone else on the "Setup -> Workspaces" section. (See the re-assign icon on the far right.)

Option 2:
To re-assign the workspaces to a new observer:
1- Go to your survey and select 'workspaces' from near the top of the page.
2- There is a function to click to 'Select Multiple' at the top right corner of the floor-plan window
3- Click and drag around the workplaces to be assigned to the new observer (Team member)
4- Once selected, a green bar will appear with the option to 'Reassign workspaces'.
5- Use the drop down box to select an observer to allocate to.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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