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How do I deal with unexpected problems while observing?

Our clients sometimes find that unexpected problems can occur while observing. However rare, iPads can be damaged by accident, batteries can run out, etc.

In these instances, the study managers often find it useful to have a paper- or Excel-based backup plan to manually cover any tours that are affected.

We recommend all users formulate a backup plan to protect against these and other surprises.

Vantage Space can also help you in these unfortunate situations in the following ways:

You can export a full workspace list as an Excel file, ready for printing or filling in digitally. This keeps the data structured and the reference numbers correct.

You can contact support who can guide you through a process of manually entering the missed data so it is reflected in all charts and graphs as if nothing had happened.

Please contact us for more information in the event this ever happens to you.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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