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FAQ: How much does Vantage Space cost?

We offer Vantage Space on a priced-per-study / pay-as-you go basis, which means that there are no lengthy contracts to worry about!

The price-per-study includes the use of the Vantage Space tool for up to a 4 week study and unlimited tour times. Your Vantage Space account is free and allows you to access all of your completed studies as long as your account exists.


A one-week study of 238 observation points with observation tours every hour between 9am and 5pm Monday through Sunday would cost $250. And, you will have access to the analytics dashboard and be able to export the data, graphs, charts, and heat maps as long as your account exists.

There is no limit to users, data points, buildings, floors, etc. Everything is included. No annual licensing, no per-user fees, no maintenance costs.

See for current pricing plans for different sizes of studies.

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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