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How do I create multiple observer accounts using shared email addresses?

All users of Vantage Space must have a valid working email address. Normally, this will be the business e-mail address of whoever you are inviting to the account. However, there can be times when you’ll choose to create email accounts in order to create the Vantage Space user accounts you need.


You outsource your observers. They don’t have an @[]( e-mail address and you don’t want them to use their personal email addresses.

You want multiple observers responsible for the same tour but working different times or days. Vantage Space only allows you to allocate one observer per workspace so you’ll have your observers share a login and/or iPad.

In these instances it is best to have a set of generic company e-mail addresses you can use to create some generic observer accounts that can be shared. For example:

If you don’t want to or cannot create a lot of @[]( email addresses then create a free Gmail account e.g.

Then use the Gmail address aliases feature to create “unlimited” observer e-mail addresses within it. The alias feature allows you to append anything after your Gmail username using a “+” but all incoming emails go to the e-mail inbox you are appending.

For instance, goes to the Gmail inbox for

And you can do the same with 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. For example:

Make up whatever you want after the “+” and Google sends it to the same inbox. They are called address aliases and save a lot of time. 

For more info see: “Use Gmail aliases” and “Filter using your Gmail alias” at

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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